Bob Harbison is a Pacific Northwest Freelance Photographer specializing in photojournalist style photography. Bob has adopted the classic photojournalist's motto of "F8 and be there!" for his work.

The Pacific Northwest features wonderful scenery and wildlife and Bob makes the most of those opportunities. Bob photographs a variety of subjects, including landscapes and scenic images, wildlife, events and sports. Bob specializes in vintage transportation images, including Steam Trains and Tall Ships.

Storm Clouds

May 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
For today's #FlyingFriday, I'm posting a shot that's different than what I usually post. In this one, the eagle is small, and the background is dark. But it captures the feel of the day, storm clouds on the horizon, and an eagle soaring in the sky no matter what the weather may bring.
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Contented Canadian Goose

April 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
After having a morning snack of cracked corn in my backyard, this Canadian Goose decided to curl up and snooze. Snuggling in the finest goose down feathers, which she just finished arranged exactly the way she wanted them, she took a short nap waiting for the sun to come out and warm things up a bit. That's today's installment of (almost) #FlyingFr...
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Formation Flying

April 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Time for another "Flying Friday". Today's shot is a mature bald eagle chasing a juvenile. I'm not sure what the dogfight was about, a few minutes earlier three of them had squabbled over food, so maybe this was a follow up. It certainly was fun to watch, and the tight formation and banked turns would have had even the Blue Angels looking on in a...
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Fly Fishing

March 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Time for another #flyingfriday. Today is one of my favorite shots, an eagle snatching a fish from the water. I'm still hoping for the ultimate shot, one where an eagle snags a big juicy salmon. But for now, this one works pretty good. He's swooped down low and snagged a "Midshipmen" a small fish often called a "Sculpin".
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Short Eared Owls

March 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
If you're a Geek, when you see "SEO", you probably think "Search Engine Optimization". For the non-Geeks, that means how to set up your website so Google likes it and ranks it higher. If you're a bird photographer, "SEO" means "Short Eared Owl" a challenging little bullet shaped bird. Unlike many owls, these little guys fly during the day, making...
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