Bob Harbison is a Pacific Northwest Freelance Photographer specializing in photojournalist style photography. Bob has adopted the classic photojournalist's motto of "F8 and be there!" for his work.

The Pacific Northwest features wonderful scenery and wildlife and Bob makes the most of those opportunities. Bob photographs a variety of subjects, including landscapes and scenic images, wildlife, events and sports. Bob specializes in vintage transportation images, including Steam Trains and Tall Ships.

Bob's work has been published in print and on the web, including Trains Magazine, the Seattle Times, King 5 TV, Railfan and Railroad Magazine, and many more!

Bob will work hard to provide you with great photography. Bob has over 30 years of photography experience, and 10 years of digital imaging work. You'll find some of Bob's favorite photos in the "Photographer's Favorites" section and get a feel for his photographic style. 

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